Hot US Stocks

Derived from the 50 most active stocks priced over $5 listed on any U.S. Exchange (NYSE, Nasdaq, OTCBB, etc.). The default setting shows stocks starting from $5.00, however any minimum and maximum price can be entered by specifying the price range below and clicking on the go button.

Min Price: Max Price:
ChartCompany NameVolumePriceHighLowOpenChangeBI Rating
UXIN Uxin Limited27,274,002$7.26$8.99$6.16$6.24 23.47%
NBEV New Age Beverages Corporation30,663,452$6.01$6.28$5.46$5.61 10.48%
DB Deutsche Bank AG18,773,854$9.03$9.17$8.47$8.55 8.40%
TWTR Twitter Inc.32,520,772$36.25$37.135$34.85$34.97 5.22%
JD Inc.19,628,761$21.89$22.315$21.27$21.3 4.69%
CZR Caesars Entertainment Corporation23,232,087$7.48$7.615$7.26$7.33 4.32%
NOK Nokia Corporation Sponsored American Depositary Shares48,339,054$6.04$6.06$5.93$5.95 3.42%
AMD Advanced Micro Devices Inc.99,978,513$20.48$21.02$19.71$20.32 2.50%
MU Micron Technology Inc.26,614,145$36.03$36.61$35.4$35.94 2.33%
GDX VanEck Vectors Gold Miners63,493,010$20.44$20.49$20.07$20.07 2.15%
ORCL Oracle Corporation21,376,680$47.32$48.11$47.0075$47.11 1.85%
FB Facebook Inc.23,299,048$144.5$147.19$142.51$143.08 1.70%
EWZ iShares Inc MSCI Brazil38,769,796$38.69$39.8$38.65$39.04 1.68%
EEM iShares MSCI Emerging Index Fund86,684,661$40.41$40.78$40.38$40.5 1.63%
IEMG iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets22,038,516$48.77$49.22$48.76$48.88 1.58%
VEA Vanguard FTSE Developed Markets31,095,432$38.79$39.032$38.77$38.8 1.57%
T AT&T Inc.40,848,919$30.16$30.29$29.925$30.11 1.55%
VWO Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets26,532,947$39.14$39.49$39.13$39.24 1.50%
GDXJ VanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners17,775,776$28.37$28.46$27.9$27.9 1.50%
EFA iShares MSCI EAFE44,649,565$61.36$61.78$61.355$61.42 1.47%
FXI iShares China Large-Cap43,388,914$41.26$41.81$41.22$41.51 1.45%
PBR Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.- Petrobras21,372,489$13.61$13.96$13.58$13.78 1.26%
MRO Marathon Oil Corporation17,720,440$15.52$16.06$15.51$15.7 1.24%
F Ford Motor Company40,223,195$8.64$8.73$8.59$8.64 1.17%
IWM iShares Russell 200027,745,012$144.82$146.76$144.76$144.88 0.96%
SIRI Sirius XM Holdings Inc.27,682,295$6.32$6.43$6.29$6.34 0.96%
AMLP Alerian MLP26,427,791$9.44$9.5299$9.37$9.43 0.96%
INTC Intel Corporation31,128,935$47.83$48.64$47.41$48.58 0.95%
CSCO Cisco Systems Inc.23,128,041$47.42$48.2$47.36$47.92 0.70%
JPM JP Morgan Chase & Co.22,569,546$101.02$102.9$100.0603$101.66 0.65%
XLF SPDR Select Sector Fund - Financial86,461,297$24.66$25.0167$24.54$24.86 0.57%
XOP SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Explor & Product28,564,173$30.63$31.455$30.61$30.96 0.56%
SPY SPDR S&P 50093,337,466$265.46$269$265.37$267.47 0.50%
MSFT Microsoft Corporation36,077,616$109.08$111.27$109.04$110.89 0.45%
XLE SPDR Select Sector Fund - Energy Select Sector19,258,170$63.34$64.55$63.3$64.12 0.40%
CMCSA Comcast Corporation Class A Common Stock23,501,083$36.98$37.49$36.83$37.31 0.38%
PFE Pfizer Inc.19,064,786$44.16$44.845$44.15$44.35 0.34%
HYG iShares iBoxx $ High Yield Corporate Bond17,438,249$83.31$83.59$83.29$83.32 0.33%
JNK SPDR Bloomberg Barclays High Yield Bond18,150,314$34.61$34.71$34.6$34.62 0.29%
AAPL Apple Inc.35,354,600$169.1$171.92$169.02$170.4 0.28%
VALE VALE S.A. American Depositary Shares Each Representing one17,857,415$13.02$13.29$12.99$13.23 0.08%
WFC Wells Fargo & Company42,804,710$47.74$48.3$46.85$48.29 -0.04%
XLP SPDR Select Sector Fund - Consumer Staples18,702,728$55.1$55.68$55.07$55.51 -0.13%
BAC Bank of America Corporation86,974,589$24.52$24.99$24.37$24.87 -0.24%
C Citigroup Inc.24,747,659$55.98$57.15$55.85$57.13 -0.43%
XLU SPDR Select Sector Fund - Utilities18,296,059$56.44$57.11$56.41$56.74 -0.63%
GE General Electric Company105,415,608$6.71$7.025$6.7$6.84 -0.74%
VXX iPath S&P 500 VIX Short Term Futures TM ETN31,872,553$39.67$39.67$38.32$38.8 -0.78%
USO United States Oil Fund25,997,818$10.82$11.13$10.79$11.07 -1.19%
VZ Verizon Communications Inc.18,563,246$57.25$58.19$57.23$57.79 -2.72%