Hot US Stocks

Derived from the 50 most active stocks priced over $5 listed on any U.S. Exchange (NYSE, Nasdaq, OTCBB, etc.). The default setting shows stocks starting from $5.00, however any minimum and maximum price can be entered by specifying the price range below and clicking on the go button.

Min Price: Max Price:
ChartCompany NameVolumePriceHighLowOpenChangeBI Rating
FONE.DB:CNX Flower One Holdings - Debenture20,000$35$36.5$35$36.5 2.94%
TRUL:CNX Trulieve Cannabis Corp53,113$37.1$37.24$36.41$36.7 1.87%
GTII:CNX Green Thumb Industries Inc53,375$26.96$26.96$26.15$26.68 1.74%
AYR.A:CNX AYR Strategies Inc3,622$25.2$25.25$24.9$25 0.80%
AYR.WT:CNX AYR Strategies Inc - Warrants (24/05/2024)1,200$13.7$13.7$13.7$13.7 0.37%
CL:CNX Cresco Labs Inc98,562$12.91$13$12.8$12.92 0.00%
PLUS.DB:CNX Plus Products Inc. - 8% Unsecured Convertible Subordinate Debentures10,000$79.5$79.5$79.5$79.5 -0.63%
RICH:CNX Raffles Financial Group Limited1,500$8.88$8.92$8.88$8.92 -0.78%
CURA:CNX Curaleaf Holdings Inc.180,618$13.94$14.23$13.7$14.2 -1.41%
TER:CNX TerrAscend Corp.70,374$11.7$11.84$11.32$11.75 -1.60%
PLTH:CNX Planet 13 Holdings Inc - Ordinary Shares260,052$5.69$6.01$5.44$5.96 -2.40%
NTAR:CNX NexTech AR Solutions Corp - Ordinary Shares65,646$6.52$6.7$6.5$6.57 -2.40%
CCHW:CNX Columbia Care Inc. - Common Shares40,022$5.22$5.48$5.18$5.4 -2.97%
VERY:CNX The Very Good Food Company727,719$5.17$5.6$5.15$5.51 -4.96%